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RBS and NatWest confirmed that the update of customer account balances has cleared overnight :: News

RBS and NatWest confirmed that the update of customer account balances has cleared overnight

RBS and NatWest confirmed that the update of customer account balances has cleared overnight, with the exception of a few specific sets of transactions. 16.8 million of the clients of the bank all around the UK have their financial operations blocked on different levels !

Royal Bank of Scotland is dealing with Technology Services India. IT professionals of RBS Technology Services India develop and support critical technology applications across the RBS group.

Software development based offshore is very popular these days. However it is extremely important to employ high skillset software development team that you can trust to. Team members must be extremely knowledgable and familiar with new technologies in software development.

IT outsourcing to Ukraine

Some comments about problems that RBS is experiencing has been really nasty. Trust into the bank reliablity has been seriously damaged. 

software development in Ukraine

Offshore web development and software development must be organised so that controls are in place for your businesses core functions.

- SLA's for the service are signed and it must contain disaster recovery scenarios and time required to proceed with recovery of the system.
System monitoring is highly important to be implemented, so it can help to prevent disaster to happen and track working environment of the system as a must
Management practices should be reviewed in details, communication between client and offshore developers must be organised on high level.

Bold Endeavours has been a web development company for the Procreditbank in Ukraine for 2 years. Please see reference for our service here.

Ukraine where quality of IT outsourcing and software development service is extremely high is in the TOP-10 countries for outsourcing your software and web development projects.

It is certainly worth to be considered to have your projects for web and software development in Ukraine because:
- high technical knowledge and skills of the IT specialists
- understanding of the customer service and ontime delivery of the software
wide range of information technologies in use
- reasonable charges for IT services
- 2 hours only time difference for communication.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Best wishes in 2016 from Bold Endeavours Team!

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